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Hi, thanks for clicking to find out more about LORDS Fragrance House & our origin story! I am Sasha- Sasha Lord (unintentionally sound like James Bond there) hence the LORDS in our name! After a decade of working in the cosmetic, and fragrance industry, and through my job at The Aroma Company working with companies big and small, I have got a hefty amount of learning up my sleeve. I was helping many start ups create their fragrances and produce products, I thought to myself so many times, I really need to get my ideas down on paper, I think I could do this... Though doubting myself all the time, as many women do (don't you just love imposter syndrome?!) I never found the time or confidence to really pursue it. 

I am a travel obsessive- like many of us, I fully feel freedom and joy when exploring and making memories, and I am lucky enough to have travelled to some incredible places. When COVID hit, all that stopped. The Aroma Company is very heavily involved in hospitality, events, & retail, so that all but stopped too. I suddenly had a lot of time on my hands, and whilst going through some tough personal issues, I needed something positive to work on. I sat down and the ideas literally came bursting out of me. The pages were full, and the oils were flowing! 

I have always been known as someone obsessed with colour. In previous roles where the workwear was black, I longed for my pink dresses! When deciding on branding, I just had to go bold. Though there are many that will question the colours are bright- even if you're a neutral person, a pop of colour will always spark joy, and the scents created will fill your room with gorgeous natural oils. 

I am very lucky that The Aroma Company is run by a wonderful influence in my life, my Mother- so you'll find LORDS Fragrance House & The Aroma Company based out of the same Oxfordshire office with us busy women working on both simultaneously, alongside the office mascot my dog Khutzey.