Bespoke Fragrance

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own fragrance? Contact us for information on creating your own scent and the application you want it made in.

From a bespoke scent to represent your business, a scent for your wedding, or even create a scent based on your own memories from an experience or trip you have been on, get in touch to learn about the process and how we can bring your ideas to life. 

Wedding Scents-

At LORDS Fragrance House we pride ourselves are creating scents unlike the norm. Using natural oils, sustainable natural waxes, and wholly UK made, we have full control over the end product from start to finish. If you like any of our existing scents & products we can create custom labels for you. We can also create your own scent, designed specifically for you to have a special fragrance to associate with your big day with your chosen design on packaging.

Talk to us about having a scent for you big day, that can transport you back to wonderful memories for years to come.

Minimum order quantities may apply.