Product Care

Candle Care
  • Burning your candle for an hour before your desired moment allows the fragrance to fill your room.
  • Allow the candle wax to melt and pool to the edge of the vessel to prevent memory rings and make the most out of your wax.
  • Burn for no fewer than 2 hours on first use and no more than 4 hours at any time. 
  • Trim your wick in-between uses
  • Reuse your candle vessel after using. They make great pots! Or bring/send back to us for a code against your next order.
  • Top tip- to remove any leftover wax/wick bases either freeze the pot and easily remove anything left, or pour in boiling hot water and remove.

Reed Diffusers

  • Flip your reeds every few days to get fresh scent. 
  • You can also get your reed diffuser refilled at our Wallingford facility. 

Oil Dropper Bottles

  • In tea light burner, mix your oil in with water to prevent the oil getting too hot. 
  • Top Tip- light a tea light and tip the unfragranced wax into your tea light burner, then mix in your oil & voila, you've made your own wax melt. 

Room Sprays- 

  • Set the nozzle to 'spray' mode
  • Place on coaster as you would with any liquid on a precious surface.