Smell the calming blend of rock daisys , lavender, lupins & chamomile, balanced with luscious green ferns & marine wood accords. 

The inspiration for this blend comes from Kaikoura, New Zealand. This incredible place was love at first sight. Wandering round the lavender farms, hiking waterfall trails through fern abundant woodland walks, you could never be bored here. Its beauty only grows when you realise the amazing wildlife that call this place home, where mountains meet the sea.

This scent is inspired by a wonderful walk up to a waterfall, where a stream runs alongside the pathway. At certain times of year the stream that leads to the sea, is where adult seals leave their pups whilst they hunt, so you are caught off guard when admiring the luscious green ferns when all of sudden a little head pops up to greet you! The stream makes for a very relaxing place to sit, breathe, and take in the wonder that is our world.